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A long sought solution to those unintended watercolor brush marks resulting from too much enthusiasm, haste or miscalculation.

Instructions for use:

1.  Use the brush when barely damp, not wet.

2.  Hold in a nearly vertical orientation and drag gently, but firmly back and forth along its' long edge.

3.  Upon first noting the removal of paint, immediately dab the brush several times on a towel (paper, etc) and recommence "erasing".

4.  Rinse after 2 - 3 "erasures", dab to remove excess wetness and continue.

Caution: too damp a brush and/or too vigorous "erasing" may damage the painting/paper.

For smaller areas, use the edge of the brush in a similar manner.  For many smaller areas ("erase" and/or highlights), try using a Shiraz Short Flat, sizes #1 and/or #2. 

The Shiraz Range are 100% synthetic and Vegan Friendly.