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Point Rewards System
Start earning points when you sign up and make purchases online! Points are redeemable for your future orders (500 points = $5). You may also accumulate 1000 points to get a 10% off coupon!
Is there any minimum spending and cost to join?
Signing up is free! Simply register an account and start earning points!
When can i use my points and coupons?
You can use them in your future purchases. There is no expiry date for points and coupons. 
Can i transfer my points and coupons?
We apologise that at this moment, points and coupons are non-transferable.
How can i check my points?
Once you are logged into your account, click on the "Rewards" button.
How do i redeem my points?
Once you are logged into your account, click on the "Rewards" button and "Ways to redeem", you will receive a unique coupon code which you can apply during your checkout. 
Can points and coupons be taken away from me?
If your account is suspended or deleted due to suspicious activity, Drawing Etc. Art Supplies reserve the right to remove your points and coupons.
Are online points interchangeable from in-store membership points?
Our online point system and in-store membership point system are separate. They cannot be used interchangeably nor be combined. 
*You cannot redeem in-store membership points online
*You cannot redeem online points in our physical shop
Important Information:
The rewards system is operated at our discretion and we reserve the right to cancel or change its terms at any time with 2 weeks advance notification to customers. Once the rewards system has been cancelled we are not obliged to make good any unused points or coupons held by our customers or compensate our customers in anyway for unused rewards.
  • Points and coupons are not legal tender, you cannot redeem for a cash value.
  • Every 500 points = $5 deduction in purchase
  • Points are earned at the full cost of products, not on shipping costs.
  • Any decision made by Drawing Etc. Art Supplies about the allocation or redemption of reward points is final.


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