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A small, wooden woodblock printing brush, made from horsehair, great for making traditional Japanese woodblock prints. Its 15mm bristles and long, wooden handle is best used in spreading paint and paste in small sized woodblocks.

This Japanese style printmaking brush, made from horsehair, is sewn in a long, wooden handle, perfect for moving pigment and paste across the woodblock reliefs, or any other paint activity. Also available in 20mm & 24mm sizes (sold separately).

Approximate Dimension & Product Data:

  • Bristles (Horse Hair) 
  • Wooden Handle

To use this paint Brush for woodblock relief painting, place the paint and the paste on the woodblock, then using the brush, mix the paint and paste on the surface of the woodblock. Spread the paint and paste in a small, side to side, or backward and forward stroke (depending on what is a more comfortable motion for you), then gradually moving around the woodblock until the paint is spread throughout the woodblock. Once the paint is evenly distributed, it is ready for printing.

To split the ends of this brush, first, singe the ends of the bristles using a pan over a hot plate. Hold the brush with its bristles touching the pan surface. After singeing, dip the ends of the bristles in water then run it firmly over a dragon skin sanding sheet or any similar sanding sheet. This will help soften the bristles. Finally, wash the brush with soap and water, then rinse thoroughly. Make sure to dry the brush before storing it. Hang the brush to dry or place it on a solid surface with the bristles hanging over the edge of the surface.