Series 272. Masters Choice Rounds

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Masters Choice is an interesting hair with distinctive markings and a semi-stiff firmness of stroke, made from a blend of male & female badger hairs.

They are our most popular natural hair brushes for Oils. The hair is responsive, yet firm allowing for adding highlights and tonal values. They are resilient and wear down well.

The larger rounds are brilliant for laying on colour and broader marks and as they go smaller they are ideal for blending.

If you want a small pointed brush for detail however you wouldn't necessarily go with these but switch to the 'Ivory' line or if you prefer a natural hair then sable 'Series 33' or 'Series 323'.

The Masters Choice work well in Oils predominately, though acrylic painters do favour their "fluffy" nature too.

A favourite for portrait painters, landscapes and Alla Prima work. The entire range of the Masters Choice are excellent for blending in Oils.