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Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colors are made with pigment that has a story.

Gamblin first made the decision to create pigment from recycled air-conditioner waste in the 1990s to help artists reduce the amount of waste that goes landfill and work more sustainably with our environment.

Reclaimed Earth Colors are made with pigment created, after a decade of research and experimentation, from industrial waste sourced from America's most polluted rivers, the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.  You can learn more about it here.

Gamblin gives 20% of set sales back to the cause. Purchasing this set is a way artists can contribute to clean rivers

  • This set includes 3x 37ml Limited Edition oil paint colors: Brown Ochre, Rust Red, Iron Violet 
  • Bonus: A primed birch painting panel and you contribute to sustainable art practice and cleaner rivers