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Made from black horsehair, this tool, which looks like a small shoe brush, is traditionally used in moving pigments and paste around large areas of woodblock smoothly. Perfect tool for your woodblock printing activities.

This woodblock printing brush is made from black horsehair, which has firm bristles yet soft at the end to move pigments and paste around the woodblock evenly and without speckles.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

Bristles (Horsehair) - 60mm
To use this Japanese Woodblock Printing Maru Bake Horse Hair Inking Brush 60mm, simply place the paint and the paste on the woodblock, then using the brush, mix the paint and paste on the surface of the woodblock. Spread the paint and paste in a small, circular motion at the beginning, then gradually moving around the whole woodblock until the paint is fully spread throughout the block. Use side to side motion to brush the edges of the block.

After using the brush, it looses its softness and the bristles stick to each other because of the paint and paste, so taking care of this tool is a must. The ends of the bristles need to be split to turn the brush to its original working condition.

To split the ends of this brush, first, singe the ends of the bristles using a pan over a hot plate. Place the brush with its bristles touching the pan surface. After singeing, dip the ends of the bristles in water then run it firmly over a dragon skin sanding sheet or any similar sanding sheet. This will help soften the bristles. Finally, wash the brush with soap and water, then rinse thoroughly. when drying the brush, make sure the bristles are facing down to avoid water from getting into the holes of the wood.

Please note: Use gloves when rubbing the brush along the sanding sheet.