Linocut Workshop (with How to Ink) SATURDAY 29 JUN

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Linocut Workshop

with How to Ink

Explore the art of linocut printing in this beginner-friendly workshop! Learn the basics of carving relief designs into linoleum and discover the unique textures and patterns this technique can create. By the end of the session, you'll bring home your own print and carved linoleum block, which can be used to print on both fabric and paper.

What to Expect:

  • Open to All Levels: All are welcome!
  • Techniques and Principles: 
    Learn the basics of relief carving and relief printing using linoleum
  • Lesson breakdown:
    • Introduction to relief printing tools and materials
    • Plan your designs
    • Carve out your designs using carving tools
    • Print your linoleum


  • Date & Time: 29th June, Sat 1pm -4pm
  • Location: 62A Arab Street Singapore 199759
  • Fees & Duration: $75/ 3hrs
  • All Materials Provided

About the How to Ink:

How To Ink is a verbalisation of the Chinese characters 凹凸印 (Āo Tú Yìn), a style of printmaking which works on a yin-and-yang principle of utilising positive and negative moulds to produce certain impressions on paper.

How To Ink translates to our philosophy; only by embracing the good and bad, can we create what’s truly ours.

Printmaking and handicraft exemplifies our philosophy.

Our mantra is to bring joy of printmaking to everyone.
By learning the craft, we would then share by passing down our knowledge.

It is a humble craft that is easily accessible, an activity that is free and experimental for all.

The focus of our workshop is not about transferring ink onto paper but to teach you the essentials and processes behind the print, from refining the design draft to understanding which tools you’ll need.

Workshops will require plenty of hands-on work, training you to be meticulous with the tiniest and vital details. And, at same time, cultivate mindfulness and awareness during the process of crafting your final piece.

During the course of the workshop, participants have absolute expression of creativity. As they learn the ropes of printmaking, participants can feel free to apply other techniques or ideas that they have. Thus, each participant will produce a unique outcome by the end of the workshop.

Our current printmaking activities include:

  • Silkscreen Printing

  • Linocutting

  • Marbling

  • Monoprinting

  • Paper-making

Stanley Cheah

Founder & Resident Printmaker

Stanley advocates the joy of printmaking through his vision for How To Ink, a creative playground for all ages.

Along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Communications Major in Graphic Design from Lasalle College of the Arts, the craftsman has a demonstrated history of working in the design, the arts and crafts industry. On top of being skilled graphic design, he is trained in photography and videography.

”Press on and print more.”

Jessica Chan

Content Manager & Resident Artist

Living proof that even if you're the most klutzy and uncoordinated person in the world, you can still pull off a linocut and print. She joins the team in 2020 with a brand new obsession for the craft, dabbling in other printmaking fun along the way.

”Fun, right?”