Kiss Me: Handmade Watercolor Paints Set of 8 in Wooden Box Case, Full Pan 3.2ml(Assorted Red Colors)

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Kiss Me is inspired by different lipstick colors, selected with pastel pink to the right red.

Full-pan watercolors were stored in a walnut wood wooden magnetic case, with a mixing plate underneath the cover.

Precious colors:
• Cinnabar (PR106 CI#77766)
• Madder Lake Deep (NR9 CI#75420)

• Garnet Genuine
• Red Jasper
• Bloodstone
• Azo Red (PR62 CI#23295)
• Red Glaze
• Pinkcolor, Potter's Pink (PR233 CI#77301)

Update 27/07/23: We have change Perylene Red to Bloodstone, which is a red tone brown.