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For the great Japanese innovation of cutting registration marks into the woodblocks.
  • Craftsman made professional tools
  • High performance two part steel
  • Blade width 15mm
  • Cherrywood handle

Our Guarantee:
All tools are carefully and individually inspected upon arrival at our store by an experienced Printmaker with over a decade of professional experience.

Many professionals like to resharpen or reshape the blades to their own customization; however, these tools will come factory sharp and is perfectly ready to use as is.
We will ensure the cutting edge is good to go by making 1 singular test cut, without altering or compromising the maker's standard.

Each blade will be coated with a layer of Japanese Camelia Oil as rust prevention whilst in our property. It is the most effective way to protect your tools in humid Singapore, and we recommend you do the same with all your precision tools.

It is recommended that all professionals and serious student of the craft learn the essential skill of honing and sharpening your knives. A regularly honed blade will not need major sharpening sessions that may be disruptive to your work, although these blades are made to be sharpened perfectly.

Every customer who bought professional knives from our store can opt to have their knives send back to us for sharpening at a nominal price. Send us an email at for enquiries. Do not send us blades you bought from other stores and manufacturers; they will be returned to you unsharpened.

Do note that most small blades must be sharpened free-handed, lead-time and price may vary depending on the condition and damage sustained.  It is also important to note that any knives that require rework, shall not be expected to look factory fresh, and we will only focus on sharpening, not overall beautifying and polish shine. Our artists will liaise with you personally before any work is done and will update you on the progress if necessary.