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Michihamono is a carving-knife manufacturer with a long history, located in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, known as the home of blade-making in Japan. Originally a subcontracted manufacturer of sickles used for rice harvesting and weeding, we transformed ourselves into a maker of carving knives to keep up with the times.
We offer a wide range of carving knives for everything from professional use to those appropriate for schoolchildren. We make carving knives and other hand tools for a wide variety of tasks, from the carving of Buddhist statues and masks used in Noh drama to Kamakura lacquerware, woodblock printing, seal-engraving, and eraser-stamps.


Woodcut, also known as "Mokuhanga" in Japanese, has a long-standing tradition of perfection in Japan. This set of tools contain 7 unique knives to fulfil every woodcutting endeavors.

Set of 7 Contains: 

- 4.5mm V gouge
- 6mm Aisuki (Curved Chisel)
- 3mm Aisuki (Curved Chisel)
1.5mm Aisuki (curved chisel)
- 6mm U gouge
- 3mm U gouge
- 6mm Hangito Knife

Handle constructed with sturdy and timeless Cherry Wood. The blade is removable from handle for easier sharpening or replacement, allowing the artist to retain a familiar grip throughout his or her career if they choose to. 

Set of 5 contains:

- 6mm flat knife
- 9mm skew knife
- 4.5mm u-gouge
- 9mm u-gouge
- 4.5mm v-gouge

Constructed as a fixed blade on handle, the steel is deeply embedded into the Cherry Wood handle enabling stability and sturdiness. The long handle enables flexible usage with wide array of griping techniques. It is also ideal for large scale, expressive Woodcuts.
The wooden handle can be shaved off as necessary to expose more blade as it became shorter after many years of active usage due to sharpening.