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Gamblin Oil Painting Ground makes a strong, bright, non-absorbent foundation for oil paintings. Formulated from alkyd resin, titanium dioxide, and barium sulfate, Gamblin Ground makes canvas and linen stiffer than acrylic 'gesso' and more flexible than traditional oil primers. Barium sulfate gives Gamblin Ground its tooth, while Titanium dioxide gives Gamblin Ground its opacity. Because alkyd resin is used instead of linseed oil as the binder, Gamblin Ground is more flexible and dries more quickly than lead/linseed oil grounds. Lead/linseed oil grounds must dry for six months and Gamblin Ground is ready for paint application within a week.

Because the percentage of pigments is so much higher than in acrylic 'gesso', painters need only apply two coats of Gamblin Ground instead of the recommended four coats of acrylic. The first, thin coat should be touch-dry before the second coat is applied; this should normally occur overnight. After the second coat, it is best to wait five days for the primer to dry properly before commencing with your painting. Additional coats can be added for smoother painting surfaces.

Please remember that any absorbent substrate such as canvas or paper should be sized before the application of Gamblin Oil Painting Ground. This will seal the surface so that the oil does not leech into it or cause it to rot. You can use acrylic size, rabbit skin glue, or acrylic primer for this purpose; Gamblin recommend you use the Gamblin PVA size. Wooden supports do not need to be sized before the application of Gamblin Oil Painting Ground.

Please note, Gamsol Odourless Mineral Spirit can be added to thin to the desired consistency.