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Because of the value of rare blue pigments, few were mixed to make violets. So painters of the past did not use permanent violet colors. Those made from organic dyes have faded completely away.

Some painters never buy violet or purple. They mix it using Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine Blue. While a decent color, the purple mixed using Alizarin Crimson is not lightfast; within 100 years that mixture will not be purple – it will be blue. Try Gamblin’s Alizarin Permanent for mixing with Ultramarine Blue. Or consider making violets with lightfast and transparent Quinacridone Red or Magenta, which will make a permanent purple of much higher chroma.

All single-pigment colors, Gamblin violets each have their own, unique characteristics. Use them to obtain strong, bold purples or to capture the subtle violets in nature.

Tint = Color + Titanium Zinc White

Tone = Color + Portland Grey Medium

Shade = Color + Chromatic Black

Glaze = Color + Galkyd Medium

Available in store: 37ml  

*Images and description taken from Gamblin Colours 

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