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At least since the time of the Neo-Impressionists there has been a controversy about making greys. Thinking greys made from black are lifeless, some painters never allow black on their palettes; they only make greys from complements.

While overusing black in a painting will make it look dirty, neutral greys made from black and white are the same as neutral greys made from exact complements. Greys made from complements are more lively because they are incomplete mixtures of one color next to another. So come back to black with Gamblin Chromatic Black, a neutral, tinting black made from complementary colors.

An interesting alternative to mixing with white, the Portland Greys quickly lower the intensity of a color without changing its Munsell value.

Our range of Portland Greys is expanded with Portland Warm Grey and Portland Cool Grey. A triad of muted primary colors is created when Titanium Buff is added to these. This gives painters the ability to complete a range of “colored greys” for nuanced color mixing.

Tint = Color + Titanium Zinc White

Tone = Color + Portland Grey Medium

Shade = Color + Chromatic Black

Glaze = Color + Galkyd Medium

Available in store: 37ml  


*Images and description taken from Gamblin Colours