DRAWING ETC natural & nylon mix for Water media

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Our Natural & Nylon Mix Brushes are constructed with with a blend of Goat & Squirrel hairs along with hand-selected nylon bristles no bigger than 0.06mm. These nylon bristles have the absorbency and elasticity comparable to natural hairs due to the latest synthetic fibre technology.

This special blend is designed for maximum water retention, replicating the smooth finish of natural squirrel with increased snap. 

While the characteristics of natural hairs absorb and retain a fully body of colors, the synthetics improve the snap, point and overall durability of the paintbrush. 

Most suitable for all water media, it is particularly excellent for artists who favours bold, expressive strokes that produce full-bodied colours while maintaining its point.

Some feedbacks we received describes that it can feel like it is an in-between classic Pointed Rounds and the classic Mop. 

Please note that the sizing of these blend runs slightly larger than the classic Pointed Rounds, and smaller than the Mops. For exact dimensions please view chart below. 

Brush Size: