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The beauty of watercolor is transparency – it gives paintings a distinctive clarity, luminosity and realism. With DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground, you can get this unique visual quality on virtually any surface – wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, canvas, plaster, glass, stone and more. Adding a layer of ground gives these surfaces a light, cottony texture that looks and feels similar to cold press watercolor paper. The beautiful medium of watercolor has been confined to a paper-behind-glass niche for too long!

Iridescent Gold

This luminous gold is semi-transparent, so the original surface color and/or pattern will slightly show through the sheen. For a deeper gold, apply 2 to 3 thin coats. Add a glaze of color when painting on top with transparent and semi-transparent watercolors. This ground also works well for adding special iridescent effects to specific areas you want to highlight.