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If granulating texture is what you’re after, you will love this introductory set of six DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek® Watercolors. PrimaTek Watercolors are made with natural minerals mined from around the world.  Our mineral pigments were carefully selected to give you a wide range of 36 rich colors and textures you’ll find nowhere else.

The name of each color comes from the actual mineral that it’s made from – for example, Amethyst Genuine is finely processed from crushed Amethyst. PrimaTek colors flow beautifully, mix well with other pigments, and most yield magical granulating effects.  This set is the perfect size to take along on plein air painting excursions and it makes a great gift for the artists in your life.

Colours in this set:

-Rhodonite Genuine

-Jadeite Genuine

-Amethyst Genuine

-Hematite Genuine

-Piemontite Genuine

 *Images and description taken from Daniel Smith