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Made with the same high-quality pigments as DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ Watercolors, GOUACHE is a specially formulated water-based paint that yields a gorgeous, matte finish. It has high opacity as a result of higher pigment loads, not by adding whites or other fillers.

You’re going to love the creative versatility of GOUACHE! As mass tone straight from the tube, you’ll get rich, dense solids. Use mark-making tools to scrape into it or build up light texture with brush strokes. You can soften colors smoothly with water to create light washes and hazy layers.

Try accenting your watercolor work with GOUACHE to create velvety shadows or bold pops of color. Whether your painting style is abstract, representational, illustrative or figurative, have fun exploring a whole new world of artistic expression on both light and dark surfaces.

You may want to bring all the colors home right away, or you can start off with a Primary Mixing Set that includes a bonus tube of Titanium White.

*Description taken from Daniel Smith Website