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The DANIEL SMITH Essentials Watercolor Set is just what you need to begin your watercolor journey! Six transparent colors in 5ml tubes were carefully selected to give you a wide range of colors and values. Mix them to create an endless array of colors like you see on these color wheels – warm tones on the left, cool tones on the right.
warm and cool color wheels


Beginners and professional artists alike will love this set – it’s portable for taking on a plein air excursion, plus it makes a great gift for the artists in your life.

With the six colors in the set, you can mix a huge range of hues, such as the secondary oranges, greens and violets. Every color you need to paint landscapes, still life, figurative…whatever you like! Mixing colors is one of the foundations of painting, and we’ve made it easy for you with the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Essentials Set.

Three cool primary colors: 

  • Hansa Yellow Light
  • Quinacridone Rose
  • Phthalo Blue Green Shade

Three warm primary colors: 

  • New Gamboge
  • Pyrrol Scarlet
  • French Ultramarine


*Images and description taken from Daniel Smith

*image might differ from actual product in terms of size / colour & quantity