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Arches Watercolor is the world's premier paper for watercolor painting. Ask an experienced watercolorist about the best brands of paper, and "Arches" is very likely to be the first word they say. The surface is stronger and capable of handling more water than other brands; that's why so many painters who love to lift and move pigment are devoted Arches users. A unique sizing technology allows Arches to saturate each sheet "to the core" with gelatin, providing a level of stability that other papers can't match.

All Arches watercolor paper is made with 100% cotton rag, which offers superior performance compared with wood-based paper. But it's the Arches process that makes this paper truly special. Because of the traditional cylinder mold used to make Arches, the cotton fibers are more evenly distributed, and the paper expands evenly when water is applied. That's why Arches doesn't warp like paper produced with faster methods.

Arches Cold Pressed Watercolour Blocks are glued on all four sides to prevent the need for the paper to be stretched. The perfect travel companion for the artist or student.


The Blocks Feature:

  • Long 100% Cotton Fibres
  • Chlorine & Acid Free
  • Natural gelatine sizing
  • Sized both internally and externally
  • Additional extra sizing bath makes Arches stand above others
  • Blocks are glued on all 4 sides
  • Cold Pressed & Rough
  • 300gsm
  • 20 sheets in each block
  • Natural white colour paper