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A necessity if painting fine details is important to your work!

  • Mahl stick is used to keep a steady hand at close proximity to your project.
  • Includes three sections, perfect to breakdown for travel and storage.
  • Parts to be screwed together - 30" long.
  • Aluminum body, with rubber end rest.
  • Perfect for artists and painters.
  • Made in the USA.

This painter's hand rest is conveniently made of three pieces that easily screw together. Great for the traveling artist or sign painter. The tip is made of rubber and features a domed profile for easy positioning. 

A bit of history: the mahl stick, also knowns as maulstick or mahlsick, derives from the Dutch word maalstock, which means painter's stick. 

30” Painters Mahl Stick

The perfect instrument to prevent a painter from touching areas of wet paint with the arm, hand or wrist, this art mahl stick provides a surface on which to rest and steady the painting hand.

A suitable choice for artists, designers, DIYers, crafters and painters alike, this tool makes a practical addition to any painting accessories kit.


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