Printmakers Network (22nd - 30th June)

Printmakers Network (22nd - 30th June)

Drawing Etc. Art Supplies & Creative Space is proud to present "Printmakers Network," an exhibition celebrating the rich tapestry of printmaking in Singapore.

Opening Night: 21 June, 5pm - 9pm (Open to Public)

Exhibiting Dates: 22 – 30 June, 12pm – 7pm

Venue: 62A Arab Street, Singapore 199759

Printmakers Network brings together a diverse group of artists, representing all disciplines of printmaking in Singapore, stretching different genres.
We are thrilled to feature seasoned fine artists such as April Ng, Chua Chon Hee, and the late Chng Seok Tin, whose work will be on special loan from a consignee.
This exhibition also introduces the fresh perspectives of rising talents like Nathan Tan, Lim Jia Qi, and Zhang Fuming. Additionally, we highlight artists whose contributions from institutions and independent studios are dedicated to the art of printmaking. This includes the artistry of Dahlia Osman, a seasoned educator, Grace Angel and Yang Xiu Ting who works in STPI, Chen Shitong from Pulp Editions, How to Ink, Yao Yu from TYPESETTINGSG, Joseph Chiang from Monster Gallery, Jeffery Ang from Artefakts, as well as emerging printmakers and artists Emma Chong, Pearl Tang, Finbarr Fallon, and Priscilla Chan.

Through "Printmakers Network," we aim to showcase a comprehensive and vibrant portrait of printmaking in Singapore. By featuring works from seasoned artists who have significantly shaped the landscape alongside pieces from emerging talents, this exhibition celebrates the diverse narratives, techniques, and artistic visions that make up the ever-evolving tapestry of printmaking. We are deeply honored to include a special loan of artwork by the late Chng Seok Tin, celebrating her lasting impact on our art community.

Our goal is to invigorate and highlight the enduring relevance and immense creativity of printmaking. We hope this exhibition serves as a platform to celebrate and inspire continued practice and appreciation of this artistic medium. We sincerely thank all the participating artists and collaborators for their dedication and passion, which form the heart of this exhibition.

We look forward to welcoming you to this celebration of art and creativity.

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