Drawing Etc. Life Drawing Exhibition (25-26 May)

Drawing Etc. Life Drawing Exhibition (25-26 May)

We’re excited to announce our upcoming Nude Life Drawing Exhibition, in celebration of our 20th session! Our recent open call has received an overwhelmingly large volume of submissions, with over 200 entries form more than 100 artists. After selection, we have a total of 48 artists and over 80 artworks that have been selected to be showcased. This exhibition aims to celebrate the human form in all its beauty and diversity, showcasing the incredible talent of artists who capture it through their unique perspectives.

What constitutes a life nude model drawing:
1. Focus on the Human Form: Artwork should primarily focus on the human body, capturing its proportions, anatomy, and details.

2. Nudity Requirement: The artwork must depict nude models in a respectful and artistic manner. Avoid sexualized or explicit content. We understand that some institutions require models to wear certain garments such as trunks. We will take exception in this case.

3. Life Drawing Context: The drawings should be based on live models or reference photos taken specifically for artistic purposes. Avoid using random images or scenes unrelated to life drawing.

Exhibition Opening: 24 May, 5 - 9pm

Exhibition Dates: 25 May - 26 May, 12 - 7pm

**NOTE: This event present artworks depicting nudity. Visitors below the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult guardian.