Gratefully Yours by Alena Gastaldi (23-24 March 2024)

Gratefully Yours by Alena Gastaldi (23-24 March 2024)

Drawing Etc. Creative Space and Gallery is proud to present works by Artist Alena Gastaldi. 

Opening Night: 22 Mar (4pm-8pm)

Dates: 23 - 24 Mar 2024 (12pm -6pm) 

Venue: 62A Arab Street Singapore 199759

Gratefully, Yours is a farewell solo exhibition by artist Alena Gastaldi, having been in Singapore for 8+ years.

Alena Gastaldi is a nomadic watercolor and oil painter, known for capturing the essence of her transient lifestyle in her art. As an expat, her experiences of constantly adapting to new environments have deeply influenced her artistic style and choice of materials. Her paintings explore the universal concept of "home," reflecting the unique blend of memories, favorite places, and cherished items that define personal spaces, even in the most temporary settings.

Born into a humble family in the Soviet Union, she seized every opportunity for education and personal growth, eventually studying at the University of the Arts, London, and later settling in Singapore, where she lived for the past 8 years. She has a background in architecture and interior design, where she worked for 12 years, painting and teaching alongside her office job before fully embracing her artistic side and becoming a full-time artist in 2022.

Painting mostly from observation, Alena's tools are adapted to being highly mobile, including a couple of portable pochade boxes and a limited palette. Each painting or sketch captures a moment of connection with the space, object or thought.