Drawing Etc. Year-End Exhibition 1st Edition

Drawing Etc. Year-End Exhibition 1st Edition

About this exhibition

Drawing Etc. Art Supplies initiated this exhibition with the aim to express our gratitude for a year filled with creativity, collaboration, and inspiration.

We are extremely grateful to have received 542 entries this year, and thus, the selection process has been extremely challenging. Of all 542 entries. our small team of artist advisors can only select 103 artists with a total of 111 artworks to represent works of all mediums, styles, genres and subjects from our vibrant artistic community.

Works exhibited includes Oil, Acrylic, Drawing, Tempera, Gouache, Watercolours, Photography, Digital Art, Printmaking, Mixed media and Sculptures.


About this space

This showcase is located at 62a Arab Street (level 2). A walk-up shophouse located in the historical Kampong Glam District. It will be used to host a series of events, workshops, and exhibitions to showcase local artists and talents. This exhibition is our inaugural event in this venue.