Double Bill Art Exhibition 19-21 Jan 2024

Double Bill Art Exhibition 19-21 Jan 2024

Drawing Etc. Creative Space and Gallery is proud to present works by Singaporean Artists Bernard Chan and Patrick Sin in this Double Bill Art Exhibition. 

Dates: 19 - 21 Jan 2024 (11am -7pm daily)

Venue: 62A Arab Street Singapore 199759

Lonesome Tree I (2023)

Watercolour on paper

27.5cm x 39.5cm


“Horizons: Unfettered Vistas” is a 25-piece collection of Bernard’s watercolour landscapes. Many of the exhibited works are inspired by places from his travels, and the sky is key to the design of every piece. Whether as a promise of dawn, a muted grey day or signs of impending weather, the atmosphere created by light is central to the paintings; even in works that are born entirely from his imagination.

Acrylic on canvas panel
35 x 45cm


A language of hue, shape, and space. Step into the artist’s world of geometric forms and prismatic colours, this exhibition showcases abstract works in acrylic medium created between 2018 and today.

‘Working both intuitively and carefully, I become engrossed with the craft of painting, building up the layers and textures. I want to engage the viewer and inviting him or her to look closely.’

About the Artists

Bernard Chan is a painting hobbyist retired from a career in the banking industry. Bernard stumbled into painting in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown in Thailand, which led to his discovery and love of pure transparent watercolour. Entirely self-taught through the resources of the world wide web, he is drawn to landscapes, skies, pigments and capturing light on paper. An avid traveller, Bernard’s destinations often find their way into his paintings.

In September 2022, Bernard was one of 10 artists who exhibited in “Different Strokes” a charity art exhibition in Kuala Lumpur where all 5 of his watercolours found new homes. In May 2023, Bernard attended a workshop in the UK with the water-based media artist Chris Forsey who introduced other media that support watercolour, and more significantly informed his approach to interpretation and composition.

“Horizons: Unfettered Vistas” is the first major showing of Bernard’s watercolour works.

Patrick Sin (b. 1970, Singapore) is a visual artist who focuses on geometric abstraction with intuitive mark-making, gestural brushstrokes, and carefully considered colour harmonies using the medium of acrylic paint. These elements combine to create a sense of spatial depth and balance to convey or influenced emotions.

For 20 years, he honed his eye for design and colour in the fast-paced world of fashion, first as a merchandiser in product development and later on as a fashion stylist and editor in a leading women’s magazine. This experience now translates into his experimentations with colours and shapes in his art practice. In 2018, he embarked on a year-long Western Abstract Art course at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Since then he had participated in a few group shows at The Arts House in 2019 and HEARTH in Gillman Barracks in 2021.

Starting in 2021, Sin has expanded his repertoire to include figurative oil paintings of impressionist still life and landscapes.