Zhang Fuming: DrawEtc. Founder's Message on One Year Anniversary

Zhang Fuming: DrawEtc. Founder's Message on One Year Anniversary

Dear Friends and Customers of Drawing Etc. Art Supplies,

One year ago today, we opened our store for the first time on a Saturday. It was then part of a series of “soft openings” leading up to our regular hours starting from June 1st, 2022.
What many of you didn’t know then, we really needed that “soft opening” because we don’t even know how to operate a POS machine!

As one of the founders of this store, I want to take this occasion to share with you our business, and most importantly, to say a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you!

We started this store with the simple idea of collaboration, inspiration and accessibility. We really meant it when we say we built the store together!

A small group of artists started this adventure together with different commitment levels - from advisory contributions to physical or monetary investments – and I am fortunate to be the lead director and operator of this store.

Running at just 200 Square Feet, we are probably the smallest art supply & stationary store right now. We find ourselves in a distinctive position - we're not large enough to offer a broad range of products, and any misplacement of products would be highly noticeable. However, our size grants us the ability to be nimble and adjusts to changes as needed.
We aim to provide you with products that are fresh and in-demand at a reasonable value.

Some staple products came in quick from our internal discussions, but we made sure to leave plenty room for products our customers prefer and recommends. Sometimes we’d direct you to sources that are readily available, and if it’s sensible, we try to make it available through us.

Today, we are proud of the selections we have in store carefully curated for you, and we will continually improve and expand on them.

As we move forward, we aim to enhance our outreach and engagement activities and continually improve our store with your valuable feedback. Having overcome a year of challenges, we’re eager to create space for growth.

Thank you for the fantastic first year, hope you’ll join us for many more milestones!




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