Open Letter to Drawing Etc. Year-End Exhibitors 2023

Open Letter to Drawing Etc. Year-End Exhibitors 2023

Dear Artists,

This is Zhang Fuming, I am the co-owner of Drawing Etc. Art Supplies. Many of you may have known me personally or have met me in store, otherwise, I am looking forward to getting acquainted with you.

I’d like to start off this email by thanking each and everyone of you for entrusting your artworks with us on our inaugural showcase. And congratulations on your successful submission and upcoming exhibition.

As a practicing artist myself I realise to some extent, we pigeon-hole ourselves within our own comfort zone, cliques etc. Upon starting the business of Art Supplies retail in June 2022, I am quickly humbled by the artists I met from all walks of life with the level of artistry, discipline and productivity displayed in their works.
Very quickly, it’s been my dream to reach out to all artists, and to build a community that is open in creative exchange and inspiration.

Our enterprise is not huge, running only a 205Sqft store at Sunshine Plaza. We pride ourselves in partnering only with the best manufacturers and products that are different from other existing businesses to fill the demand gaps, and providing informed services.
I fell in love with this new space at 62a Arab Street when It was offered to us, I immediately saw the potential to turn this into a Creative Space where we could showcase local artists and conduct outreach programmes.

We took an early lease in Arab Street with 7 months of ongoing lease at Sunshine Plaza. This allows us to operate our retail store independent from this Creative Space uninterrupted. In the future, we might move our retail store into Arab Street as well, but we pledge to maintain half of the space for exhibition and outreach initiatives.

Finally, I am proud to open this venue with your artworks on our walls. This is a non-profit effort and I am thankful for all the help extended by many of our friends and staffs. It has been an exacting task to conduct the exhibition to our best efforts with many moving parts and works to be done; some of which will be a work-in-progress.
As always, we will continually build our business with the artists in mind. Feel free to speak to me about any concerns or suggestions you may have.

I thank you all for the wonderful work you’ve done and looking forward to 2024!

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