Green with Envy: Handmade Watercolor Paints Set of 8 in Wooden Box Case, Full Pan 3.2ml(Assorted Green Colors)

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Green with Envy is inspired by the nature of green. Green is the calmest color when you look at it. Imagine yourself lying on the green grass and feeling the softness of the ground.

Full-pan watercolors were stored in a walnut wood wooden magnetic case, with a mixing plate underneath the cover.

Precious colors:
• Egyptian Green
• Malachite

• Emerald (PG21 CI#77410)
• Synthesize Green #1
• Olive Green (PG8 CI#10006)
• Victoria Green (PG51 CI#77288)
• Copper Resinate
• Epidote (PG23 CI#77009)